Vidéo de soutien d’Eric Piolle Maire de Grenoble

Eric Piolle soutient notre programme citoyen.

Nous continuerons à travailler avec la ville centre et notamment sur les grands dossiers communs : Mobilités sur Avenue Jean Jaurès et Jean Perrot, développement économique sur le secteur Alpexpo – HP.

Les listes de Grenoble en Commun et Eybens Demain partagent une même vision de la métropole de demain, une métropole écologique, dynamique et solidaire.

Four decades later, the standard event occured in Argentina. In the current day, individuals give precedence to varied distinct issues, besides write papers. The folks from both faiths can co exist and live together. Those individuals who attend the nuptials don’t always should be family members.

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The nation has Islam as the house religion of its own occupants. The folks in United Arab Emirates show remarkable manners, specially when dealing with some other individuals I think it is very useful to actually get individuals of both countries to understand one another and also to accentuate the connection between them, » described Wang Yongzhao in the Oriental embassy. Every nation incorporates folks of its origin and also folks of additional distinct sections of the world.